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Community Engagement

Community Engagement is a Washington State DSHS/DDA Waiver Service that you might be eligible for. Vitalize Kitsap's enthusiastic and supportive staff can work with you to develop and pursue a Person-Centered Service 

Plan approved by your DDA Case Manager, focused on empowering you to access and engage with your community to pursue your interests and build connections.  

For more information about Community Engagement with Vitalize Kitsap, click here to send us an email.

Connect with Your Community! 

Community Engagement can connect you with classes and events so you can build healthy relationships with people who enjoy the same things you do. 


Follow Your Interests and Discover Community Resources!

Community Engagement can help your interests and develop new ones as you explore what's going on in your community.


Pursue Your Creative & Educational Goals!

Community Engagement can help you access classes and services that line up with your creative and educational goals. 

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