Program Descriptions

Afternoon Activities Club

The aim of Afternoon Activities Club is to explore academia through fun presentations and integrated virtual activities. Lessons are curated and taught by VK staff who will walk you through learning about new people, places, and cultures.

Art Club

Art Club is a relaxing and fun hour in which Maria guides students through an art project of her choosing. Maria's calm and encouraging personality is a balm for these hard times. This group of students are always laughing and having a good time with each other. 

The Art of Story Writing

If you have ever dreamt of becoming an author or simply writing stories for fun, look no further. In this collaborative class, Michelle and her writing team of various students, are writing a book scene by scene. Every student adds their own ideas, guided in real time to integrate into the story. Michelle will show you how characters, plot, and setting are used to create a story. The goal of this class is to eventually publish a finished book, creating a tangible accomplishment that will empower students and raise their skills.

Book Club

Go on endless adventures with Michelle as she reads aloud each week. Hang out with friends safely, over zoom, as you listen to a story being told and explored. The best discussions arise out of questions that are open-ended so everyone can bring their own perspectives and offer more than simple “yes, I agree” or “no, I don’t” answers. The club is a place where people are encouraged to share their personal perspectives and listen to others and their interpretation of characters, plots and possibilities.

BRIDGE Fitness

BRIDGE Fitness is a group fitness class for teens and adults with special needs. BRIDGE Fitness stands for Building Recreational Interest in Diverse Groups in Education. BRIDGE Fitness is first and foremost a group fitness experience that assists with exploring different themes each week. Movement sequences are often set to music, singing, and/or rhythmic chanting.

Cooking Club

Cooking with Kristi will teach life skills cooking with an assortment of kitchen equipment that will work for many levels of abilities. We are creating personalized recipes as we go that will include pictures and words.  Members will receive an ingredient and equipment list prior to the class.  Members have the option of cooking along with Kristi or watching and cooking at a different time.  All zoom classes are recorded to be sent out to the class to download for future viewing.  Please check out our calendar to see what we are preparing each week!

FUNctional Exercise

Joining us from Kitsap Physical Therapy, Kaitlyn Barr, PT, DPT, CLT will lead a gentle, mindful, and fun class that will focus on flexibility, balance and functional movement.

Interactive Book Club

The Interactive Reading Club is a fun engaging, interactive social group focusing on the love of reading. We choose a book each week and send members' activities to enhance the story. We also encourage members to share their own books. We tend to read seasonal, global fiction, and nonfiction. You can check out our calendar for our monthly reading selections.

Social Club

Come hang out with Deb and friends! Each week Deb leads a game or an activity over Zoom. It’s a moment to just have fun and engage with each other. Jokes, science experiments, and fun awaits!