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Vitalize Programs | Clubs | Services

Helping our members achieve independence and live whole, culturally rich, and creative lives.

Providing opportunities for personal engagement through community access, small group, and one-on-one activities; mentoring, and tutoring. Offering daily programming including “clubs” which are designed around the personal goal plans, interests, strengths and needs of individual members.

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Life and Job Skills

Lifelong learning for members by gaining new skills needed in developing independence, increased opportunities to participate in community events, take part in healthy living activities, socializing with friends and mindful recreation. 

Through social clubs like Art Club, Book Club, and Saturday Supper Club, our members build relationships, gain skills for every day living, and are empowered to achieve the personal goal plans they develop. Other activities like Entrepreneur Club, ITA Cafe, and community events, help our members gain valuable job skills. Although not all of our members can obtain and maintain a paying job, learning the skills to do job tasks like taking out the trash, making coffee, counting inventory, making goods to sell, etc., empowers them to learn, grow, and feel like an important  part of society. All of our members participate in daily chores to learn new life and job skills and we work with them to set new goals, achieve new heights and make progress on their chosen life path.


Health and Fitness

Healthy living involves making choices about what to eat, physical activity, and finding different ways to relax and enjoy life.  

Our members receive daily health and fitness information, education, and experience.

Members are involved in planning, shopping for, and preparing the healthy snacks and meals served while at Vitalize. Clubs like Hike & Swim, the Bridge Fitness program, and our afternoon walks contribute to an improvement in overall health, wellness, and relationship building. Many of our members rely on Vitalize for their daily dose of exercise and it is their means of peer interaction. It is a community of their own with relationships and true friendships with their peers.

This is sometimes the first to meet others and develop social bonds and skills. Because of their disabilities, some have never been in the community without a family member. Through their membership at Vitalize Kitsap, they are now active, involved community members.



Community Access

Developing relationships, social interaction, building community, raising awareness, developing a culture of inclusion

One of the most important aspects of our unique programming.

Our individual approach meets each participant where they are. We ask them where they want to go in their life.

As a team, our staff, the participant and their caregivers develop a Personal Goal Plan (PGP) to identify areas of strength and potential growth in seven areas.

Our participants are out and about in the community, attending events, visiting parks, museums, and shops, etc. We provide support for our members to achieve their goals through community access, small group and one-on-one activities, mentoring, and tutoring.

Our daily programming addresses individual needs through social clubs, such as: Hike & Swim Club, Afternoon Activities Club, and Friday Adventure Club.

Weekly schedules provide dependability. Members choose which activities and clubs best suit their interests and abilities.

Access and inclusion to public and work spaces benefits all of Kitsap County and its communities.


Our Services

Vitalize Kitsap Services

  • Transportation

  • Medically trained staff

  • One on one services

  • Augmented communication

  • Individual Goal Plans

  • Life and Job Skills

  • Personal Care

  • Social Clubs

  • Peer Activities

  • Community Inclusion

DDA Waiver Services

  • Community Engagement

  • Specialized Habilitation

  • Prevocational Services (DVR)

  • Respite Care


  • Washington State Department of Health and Humans Services Respite Care Provider

  • Washington State Community Guide and Engagement Provider

  • Department of Rehabilitation Job Vendor.

  • Contracted with the Bainbridge School District to provide Adult Living services for Bainbridge High School Special Education students. 

  • We offer tuition-based services, with options for private pay or state funding for those eligible for services from the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA), a division of the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS)

Our Programs

We provide opportunities for personal engagement through community access, small group and one-on-one activities, mentoring and tutoring. Daily programming includes our “clubs” that are designed around individual members’ Personal Goal Plans (PGP), interests, strengths, and needs.

Adventure Club

Adventure Club is members exploring the community in which they live.  Members have ownership in choices of what they would like to do in the community, and where they would like to go.  Having the opportunity to choose activities like going to the movies, or the Bug Museum, Naval Museum, Tribal Museums, parks, and restaurants fosters independence, good choices, and improved self-esteem. 

Afternoon Activities

Several days a week VK is a “teen center” for high school students to come hang out after school and during school breaks. Students and members have a snack and work on personal development activities. 

Art Club

Art Club is a personalized experience in a group setting where new mediums are introduced.  Members have the opportunity to explore and celebrate their abilities based on their interests while engaging socially with other members.  


Book Club is an opportunity for members to gain skills in group participation, relationship building, communication, personal choice, and acceptance. 

BRIDGE Fitness

Building Recreational Interest in Diverse Groups in Education:

BRIDGE Fitness makes exercise fun, interesting, and a preferred activity!  Members learn to work as a group, to encourage one another, and to build connections.

Fitness goals: build strength, stamina, agility, flexibility; create familiarity with a wide variety of sports, dance, and exercise forms; and gain knowledge about fitness and health.

We rotate through units on dance, soccer, baseball, kickball, basketball, bucketball, four square, balloon volleyball, miniature golf, bowling, obstacle courses, and games. 

Culture Club

We at Vitalize Kitsap have a culture of our own and we like to learn about other cultures and aspire to creating a culture of inclusion where all are welcome. Culture Club is woven throughout all of our programs and activities. 


Entrepreneur Club

Entrepreneur club supports members interests in learning a trade, making or selling a craft. 

Garden Club

Garden Club provides the opportunity for members to learn in a textile manner by working outside in nature.

We believe working in nature promotes dexterity, explores outdoor creativity, and imparts an awareness for the environment in which we live. 

Hike and Swim Club

Twice a week VK staff lead members on a variety of hiking trails throughout Kitsap County. Members experience the great outdoors while exercising, gaining skills and agility, and forming relationships with each other and with nature.  After hiking, members receive one on one mentoring, supervision and assistance in swimming at the Bainbridge Island Aquatics Center. Some members receive 1:1 swimming weight training at the YMCA in Silverdale. 


Job Skills Club

Working is a vital part in everyone’s lives. This club imparts the importance of skills learned related to time management, taking direction, follow- through, performing tasks efficiently and consistently. Members have the opportunity to explore jobs and tasks of interest promoting satisfaction, fulfillment, and purpose.  

Music Club

Music club promotes positive support and interactions of all of its members. It
encourages members to share and support one another in their musical pursuits. It strengthens essential life skills needed for success, improves self esteem, as well as the ability to practice
fine motor skills, learn songs, play instruments, keep time, learn rhythm and harmony and to tell a story. Each member has the opportunity to introduce or share new music to the group.

Recreation Club

A positive opportunity to explore and participate in sports, games, and
physical activities like basketball, bowling, and weight lifting. Such activities improve communication, team building skills, good sportsmanship and develop common interests in adopting a healthy lifestyle.


Saturday Supper Club

Saturday Supper Club is a themed monthly event driven from members personal interests and ideas.  It allows members to engage socially, develop relationships, and aids in long lasting friendships.    

Vitalize Café

Understanding nutrition, making healthy food choices and developing and maintaining relationships and friendships are essential for everyone.

Members learn about meal prep, cleaning, sanitizing, housekeeping, self-care, and care for others. 

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