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Adventures & Activities

This is our classic respite-rate Vitalize Kitsap programming that we’ve honed over 20 years of service to our community. Our staff works with Vitalize Kitsap members to develop daily programming that empowers Members to reach their individual goals in 7 important life areas: Communication, Education, Health, Relationships, Community, Work, and Leisure.See our Calendar for current session times and days, our Rates & Billing page for that information, and please get in touch if we can answer any questions. We look forward to welcoming you to Adventures & Activities at Vitalize Kitsap!​


For Teens and Adults

Adventures and Activities sessions are open to teens and adults. Each person works with our Program Director to set their own schedule for the quarter, and can choose from Full Day, Morning, or Afternoon Sessions, as space and appropriate staff support is available per individual needs. Thanks to our skilled staff, we're able to include everyone, including people with medical fragility and varying levels of mobility and personal care independence. 

Community Access and Inclusion

Adventures & Activities programming takes place in our home base location on the north end of Bainbridge Island, as well as out in nature in many Kitsap County parks, trails, and public outdoor spaces. 

Centered Around Members' Interests

Each quarter's programming is designed around our Members’ interests and abilities. Each full day always includes group activities focused on Arts & Leisure, Health & Fitness, and Life & Job Skills.

Social Club Programs

Adventures and Activities sessions center around themes selected by our VK Members. Each Adventures and Activities session provides each Member opportunities to pursue their own interests in a social setting, enjoying the company of their peers.

Arts and Culture

We’re also honored to have an Arts & Culture grant from the City of Bainbridge Island for 2024-2025 that will help us produce an original production that will be woven into our Adventures & Activities Program. 

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