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Meet the Team

Our staff is dynamic, intelligent, creative, kind, caring, compassionate, 

and committed to making a difference in the lives of our members.

Board of Directors


Holly Aardal, Ed.D.

Holly was one of the original co-founders of Vitalize Kitsap. She currently works as a Special Education Supervisor for Clover Park School District. The accessible and inclusive foundation she designed for our VK programming serves us all well to this day.

Jean Hey


In addition to serving as bookkeeper for Vitalize Kitsap, Jean cares deeply for our VK Members and their families, and serves as a wise sounding board based on her experience as an award-winning paraeducator. 

Sheridan Ley-Mackey

Sheri is the mother of a VK member and has sat on VK's Board as Chair and Treasurer. She is a retired attorney who provided legal services to families of individuals with developmental and other disabilities. VK is grateful for Sheri's guidance and continued counsel throughout the years.

Karen Kilbane

Karen served as BRIDGE Fitness instructor for VK for years and brought much joy and health to all of us. She continues to advise us as we build health, fitness, strength and sportsmanship into our daily programming. We are grateful for the joyful, accessible and inclusive approach to movement and athleticism she helped us build into our VK culture. 

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