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Empowering people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to lead lives of meaning and self-determination
  • What does Vitalize Kitsap do?
    Vitalize Kitsap is a Bainbridge Island 501c3 non-profit that serves all of Kitsap County. We believe everyone deserves dignity, respect, and to be a welcome part of their greater community. We create clubs, programming, and community engagement opportunities to make this possible for teens and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in our community.
  • How is Vitalize Kitsap making a difference in the community?
    For more information about how we're making a difference in our community, we have made our community impact report available at the link below!
  • What services are available at Vitalize Kitsap?
    We offer a variety of services and programming: our Adventures & Activities Club, Community Engagement, Specialized Habilitation, and a weekly gathering with Vitalize Kitsap Neighborhood.
  • Who is welcome to join Vitalize Kitsap, and are there any restrictions?
    Vitalize Kitsap won't turn anyone away based on their race, ethnicity, religion, disability, physical capacity, or capacity to pay. We have staff who are trained to assist our members with all forms of mobility, communication, and personal care needs. We also have a nurse on staff to support those who are medically fragile. If needed we have a scholarship program, funded by community donations that any new or existing members can apply to. Additionally, we have a contract with the Bainbridge Island School District to provide support for some students in the Adult Living Program.
  • How is programming designed at Vitalize Kitsap?
    Every day of social club programming at Vitalize Kitsap is designed around members' interests in 7 areas of growth Arts & Culture Communication Community Continued Education Health & Fitness Relationships Life & Job Skills
  • Who do I contact if I am interested in your program for myself or a family member?
    Please contact if you're interested in learning more about programs, seeing if we have space to welcome a new member, or how to join our waitlist if we're at capacity.
  • How does Vitalize Kitsap bill members for services?
    To keep Vitalize Kitsap sustainable, each Vitalize Kitsap member enrolls in a recurring schedule and will be billed as scheduled for their sessions/clubs, regardless of attendance or late arrival/early departure. This allows us to retain our professional staff and guarantee that our programming is available. Each VK member works with our Program Director to establish their schedule, based on their individual interests and goals and our available staffing and programming
  • Does Vitalize Kitsap offer scholarships for members?
    VK is proud to offer scholarship assistance funded by community donations. We have limited funds available for VK Members who have depleted their Respite, Community Engagement and/or Specialized Habilitation hours, and for people who aren't eligible for these programs. You can request a scholarship application from the VK Scholarship Committee,
  • Can I use DSHS/DDA waivers at Vitalize Kitsap?
    If you use Respite hours or DSHS/DDA Waiver Services such as Community Engagement or Specialized Habilitation to pay for your participation at VK, we will bill DDA for the appropriate service for the units that you attend in person. You are responsible for working with your DDA Case Manager to authorize waiver service hours to VK. If your enrollment exceeds your authorized hours, we will bill you personally for the type of service you have received, at the current DSHS/DDA rate.
  • Is transportation available?
    Some transportation is available via our Rotary Grant van and/or our Kitsap Transit van. Inquire for route and trip charge details when you inquiry about joining our programming.
Special thanks to our Sponsors and Community Partners
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