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Specialized Habilitation

Specialized Habilitation is a Washington State DSHS/DDA Waiver Service that you might be eligible for. Vitalize Kitsap has dedicated, professional, and friendly staff who would love to work with you to pursue your goals in any of the five Specialized Habilitation areas of focus. To learn more, click here to contact us via email. 

The Five Areas of Personal Growth Addressed with Specialized Habilitation:



Specialized Habilitation Can Help You: 

  • Strengthen your positive internal dialog to increase your control over your life

  • Build your self-esteem and confidence

  • Reflect on your personal values, skills, and goals and adjust your behavior to achieve your goals 

  • Become more self-aware and better equipped to deal with problems as they arise


Safety & Self-Advocacy

Specialized Habilitation Can Help You: 

  • Develop safety awareness skills, for example, learn to recognize and report abuse, neglect, and exploitation

  • Navigate social media and the internet safely

  • Develop street safety and transportation awareness 

  • Receive appropriate sexual education to promote healthy personal relationships 

  • Become a safety advocate for yourself and others

  • Learn how to say NO and how to request help when you need it


Social Communication for Strong Connections

Specialized Habilitation Can Help You: 

  • Develop and expand your verbal and nonverbal social communication 

  • Build stronger listening skills

  • Learn to balance your immediate goals with your "wants" and "shoulds"

  • Identify and uphold your personal values

  • Deal with peer pressure in safe and healthy ways

  • Build your social skills to expand your inclusion and participation in the community and at home


Coping Skills for 
Everyday Challenges

Specialized Habilitation Can Help You Develop Skills to Deal with Daily Challenges Such As: 

  • Missing the bus or ferry

  • Getting used to a new caregiver or medical  professional 

  • Moving to a new residence

  • Learning to live with a new family member or roommate

Coping Skills

Adaptive Skills for Daily Tasks


Specialized Habilitation Can Help You: 

  • Learn how to use various vending machines

  • Learn how to order food in a restaurant 

  • Learn how to pay for items at a store 

  • Learn how to manage bills 

  • Learn how to select clothing for your work and social events

Daily Tasks
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