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Vitalize Kitsap Rates


Adventures & Activities sessions are charged an hourly rate of $21.80/person

Adventures & Activities sessions can be paid for privately or with DSHS/DDA Community Respite waivers

See our Adventures & Activities Program Description for more information

Zoom Club sessions are charged an hourly rate of $21.80/person

Zoom Club sessions can be paid for privately or with DSHS/DDA Community Respite waivers

See our Zoom Club Program Description for more information


VK offers One-On-One Community Engagement sessions.

One-on-One Community Engagement is billed at the hourly rate of $34.72/person

Community Engagement sessions can be paid for privately or with DSHS/DDA Community Engagement waivers

See our Community Engagement Program Description for more information


One-on-one Specialized Habilitation sessions are charged an hourly rate of $70.00/person​

Specialized Habilitation sessions with Two to Four People are charged an hourly rate of $40.00/person

Specialized Habilitation sessions can be paid for privately or with DSHS/DDA Specialized Habilitation waivers

See our Specialized Habilitation Program Description for more information

Some transportation is available via our Rotary Grant van and/or our Kitsap Transit van. Inquire for route and trip charge details. Hourly rates do not include things such as special project materials, supplies, special community activity and entertainment entry fees and tickets, meals; these expenses are billed separately based on individual participation.

Vitalize Kitsap Billing & Enrollment Policies

To keep Vitalize Kitsap sustainable, each Vitalize Kitsap member enrolls in a recurring schedule and will be billed as-scheduled for their sessions/clubs, regardless of attendance or late arrival/early departure. This allows us to retain our professional staff and guarantee that our programming is available. Each VK member works with our Program Director to establish their schedule, based on their individual interests and goals and our available staffing and programming.

You can access a tutorial to our online enrollment system here.

You can read more about our billing and enrollment policies here.

DSHS/DDA Waivers

If you use Respite hours or DSHS/DDA Waiver Services such as Community Engagement or Specialized Habilitation to pay for your participation at VK, we will bill DDA for the appropriate service for the units that you attend in person. You are responsible for working with your DDA Case Manager to authorize waiver service hours to VK. If your enrollment exceeds your authorized hours, we will bill you personally for the type of service you have received, at the current DSHS/DDA rate. For example, if you enroll in a one-on-one Community Engagement program for 24 hours/month at VK but authorize only 20 hours of Community Engagement from your DDA account, VK will bill you at the one-on-one Community Engagement rate for the 4 hours that we aren’t authorized to bill to DDA.


VK is proud to offer scholarship assistance funded by community donations. We have limited funds available for VK Members who have depleted their Respite, Community Engagement and/or Specialized Habilitation hours, and for people who aren't eligible for these programs. You can request a scholarship application from the VK Scholarship Committee,  


Anytime you miss a day that you've registered for at VK, you need to report this using our online absence form within 48 hours. Advance notice is helpful, so that we know not to worry about where you are. You get three (3) free absences per quarter, applied to your first 3 reported absences. These free absences will not be billed to you. All other absences will be billed directly to you, except for Covid-19 (see VK's Billing Policy for details about Covid absences). Any free absences that aren’t used during the quarter will not roll over to future quarters. Click here for the Absence Report form

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