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Enrollment at VK

We use SignUpGenius to provide each VK Member with their own personalized enrollment calendar.

Once you're worked with our Program Director and/or Program Coordinator to set your regular schedule at VK, our Enrollment Team will build your calendar and send you an invitation to enroll via email.

This web page is a tutorial to some of the basic steps. If you open your email in another tab, you can return to this page and scroll down as your enroll for the first time, using the images and tips below as a guide. 

If you have questions that aren't answered here, you can contact our Enrollment Lead Admin Leigh via email to or you can contact SignUpGenius support via your personalized enrollment page there. 

Click Here.png

You'll start here, when you receive an email invitation to sign up. This is what that email will look like. Click "Sign Up" and you'll be taken to SignUpGenius to begin. 

This is what your personalized SignUpGenius page will look like, except yours will have your name where this one says "VK Sample Enrollment."


The text here has reminders about VK's billing policies and current rates. You can also find this information in your annual registration packet and on our website's Rates & Billing page.

vk enrollment full text first view.png
calendar view.png

Scroll down on this page and you'll see your enrollment schedule in calendar view. The one in this image shows both "Full" and "Sign Up" slots. When you first see yours, every slot will say "Sign Up."

This image shows some of the things you can do from here in the default calendar view. You can move between months and also switch between Calendar View and List View.

enrollment calendar intro.png

If you click on any one of the "Sign Up" slots in Calendar View, you'll see this screen. You can click "Sign Up" here, the "Select Other Days" to go back to your calendar. Don't click "Save & Continue" until you're done signing up for all of the days you plan to attend. 

If you toggle to "List View," you'll be able to enroll for multiple days much more quickly. This is what the List View of Available Slots looks like. Clicking "Sign Up" from here is very fast and easy.

list view sign up 1.png
sign up now.png

Once you've selected all of the Sign Up slots that you'd like to enroll in, click "Save and Continue." That will bring you to a screen like this. You'll see a list of all of the slots you've signed up for. It will also ask for your contact information, about a Kitsap Transit Pass, and possibly for other information. Fill everything out and click "Sign Up Now" to submit your enrollment to VK. 

After you click "Sign Up Now" you'll see a screen thanking you and letting you know that you'll receive a confirmation email. 

You can also add the days you just signed up for to your calendar from this screen. Click "Add to Calendar" and you'll see the options available for this. 

Screenshot (62).png
Confirmation Email with circles.png

You can edit your enrollment through the 15th of each month for the next month's schedule. For instance, you can make changes to your September schedule through August 15th. To enroll in days that you might have skipped the first time, simply click "View Sign Up" in your confirmation email. 

To add comments or remove slots from your enrollment, visit your personalized SignUpGenius calendar page. You'll find a "View Sign Up" link in every email you receive from SignUpGenius. Your confirmation emails will also include a link that says "Edit My Sign Up." Either of these links will take you where you need to go to make changes. 

Once you're back in your SignUpGenius calendar, you can simply follow the same steps as befoe to add new slots to your schedule.


If you'd like to add comments or remove slots you've already signed up for, you need to click on the "Change my sign up" button to add comments or remove slots from your enrollment. 

If you want to add sessions that are not present on your calendar, contact the Program Director and/or Program Coordinator first. They need to ensure that there's adequate staffing and space available for this change. Once that addition has been approved, the VK Enrollment Team will add those new sessions to your calendar.

Click this button to edit your enrollment.png
request edit access.png

After you click "Change my sign up," you'll see this screen that will give you options. Choose the one that works for you. This will give you access to a version of your calendar that you can edit. If you set up a free SignUpGenius account, this will be faster and easier for you in the future. but that is not necessary. 

This is what the version of your schedule that you can edit looks like in Calendar view. 
You'll see an "Edit" button for any day that you've enrolled in.

Click this "Edit" button to make changes to each day, one day at a time. 

Untitled design (6).png
Click the pencil icon to add a comment to this slot. Click the X to delete this slot from

When you click "Edit" in calendar view, you'll see this box. 

Click the pencil icon to add a comment to this slot. 

Click the X to delete this slot from your schedule. 

You can also edit your enrollment in List View. This is what that looks like. 

Click the pencil icon to add a comment to this slot. 

Click the X to delete this slot from your schedule. 

List View Edit (1).png
Yes, Delete.png

When you click X to delete a slot from your enrollment schedule, you'll see this box. 
Your really do want to click on the "Yes, Delete" button.

Don't worry, if you later decide you want to re-enroll for this slot, it will be available on your calendar until enrollment for that month is closed. 

If your have any questions about how to enroll at VK, contact our Enrollment Team Lead Admin, Leigh: 

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