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Help Us Grow

It's spring, and VK Members, Staff, Volunteers, and our friend Bella the Doggo are busy weeding and planting, getting the garden around our headquarters ready for another season of growth and abundance.

2 people are weeding a patch of earth, one of them has worked hard to pull up a huge weed, the other one is holding the weed bucket
We're looking forward to another year of empowerment at VK

The Kitsap Great Give is next week, and we're humbly asking for your support to make our next year of growth possible. Our members grow each year as they pursue their own life goals, and we see our wider community culture growing too, as teens and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) are empowered through VK to engage as equals in the things that make this such a beautiful part of the world: our natural areas, our shared public spaces, our cultural institutions and recreation opportunities. There's so much to do here, and so many kind people to do it all with!

3 people are weeding a patch of earth near a big rhododendron
Pitch in and help us grow!

With your support, VK will be able to include more people in our program via scholarship assistance, and we'll be able to offer a full year of Adventures and Activities, Zoom Clubs, Friday Social Club hours, Community Engagement and Specialized Habilitation.

We know you want to live in a welcoming, inclusive community just as much as everyone here at VK does. Your donation to VK through the Kitsap Great Give will help nourish the growth of that reality. No donation is too small or too big.

a large golden dog rests on a concrete patio, a worried look in her eyes
Bella is hoping you'll support VK

You can join the Early Giving today or wait until next Tuesday, April 19th, for the big day. Whenever you donate, we're grateful for your help - Thank you!

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