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Giving Tuesday

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

We've all had a lovely Thanksgiving break, and many of us were able to sit down for a meal with family this year. We're grateful to be together at Vitalize Kitsap and we're grateful for everyone who supports VK to make this possible! Today we're back for a full in-person Monday at our Vitalize Kitsap headquarters. We started with social coffee (and tea and water) hour, catching up on each other's holiday stories. Laurent taught us some more French vocabulary and shared some Belgian culture with us, Rebecca joined us to talk about Chanukah and shared some sufganiyot (aka doughnuts), we took a break for lunch, and now everyone is working on their own projects: We have cozy fleece blankets and gingerbread houses being assembled and decorated by teams of friends while others work on independent projects, and through it all, so much conversation. Before everyone heads home late this afternoon, we'll have enjoyed a walk around the neighborhood in this lovely fall sunshine (no rain for a change!), and our VK Members and Staff will have enjoyed 6 hours of individualized arts and leisure, health and fitness, and life and job skills programming. We've made it through the pandemic so far, meeting on Zoom, gathering outside, and now back inside thanks to our new air filters, masks, and covid vaccinations.

Please remember Vitalize Kitsap on Giving Tuesday tomorrow - Your donations will power us through another full year of growth, empowerment, and connection to our community. Every donation made through One Call for All comes directly to VK without fees deducted, and each donation made this way also earns VK a share of the One Call for All Community Fund, so your generosity is amplified! Thanks to you, we'll be able to offer a full year of days like today to our VK Members.

Thank you from all of us at VK!

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