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Who's Who at VK: Georgia

Today I’d like to introduce our newest staff person, Georgia Herren. Georgia is a nurse who started working at VK as an RN in October. The staff and members like her a lot. She is kind, patient, compassionate and funny. She knows a lot about diabetes and seizures. Georgia worked with COVID patients in Seattle and California. She is happy to have moved back to the Northwest. I asked Georgia these questions today.

  1. What is your job title? Staff Nurse

  2. Who inspires you? My friends at Vitalize Kitsap.

  3. Do you have any pets? I have 2 cats named Phoebe and Rocco.

  4. What’s your biggest fear? Snakes!

  5. Do you play any sports? In high school, I enjoyed playing volleyball.

  6. What’s your favorite season? I love each season in its own way.

  7. What’s your idea of a perfect day? My idea of a perfect day is seeing friends, eating good food and having fun.

  8. Do you like traveling? Yes, I love to travel!

  9. What is your favorite food? Stuffing

  10. Do you like roller coasters? Yes but they make me dizzy.

I think Georgia is awesome. We are lucky to have her spending time with us!


written by Hayley Stoulil

VK Special Interest Journalist

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