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A smiling group of people, 4 women and 1 man, pose for a photo, making rabbit ears behind each other with their fingers. Everyone is smiling.
Morning Hiking Club poses for a rabbit ears photo on the Grand Forest trails - Bridget, Tia, Laurent, Anna & Jenny

We want to thank everyone who donated to Vitalize Kitsap during yesterday's Kitsap Great Give, and everyone who donates to Vitalize Kitsap during the year, through One Call for All or directly to us via our good old-fashioned P.O. Box. Your support means we've been able to keep our doors open, both in person and online, over the past 20+ years and especially during the pandemic. We're adding a few photos from this past week to this blog post, so you can see what this looks like right here and now.

One young man puts a welcoming arm around another young man, each of them is sitting down in a chair and they're both smiling
Scott welcomes Axel to the circle during Friday Social Club's singalong session

All of us at Vitalize Kitsap, our members, their families and caregivers, our staff and our board, are grateful to you. We're proud to have you as our partners in building a more inclusive, accessible and welcoming Kitsap County. When teens and adults with intellectual disabilities are included as valued and equal human beings in their communities, able to make their own friendships and pursue their own goals, everyone benefits. Thank you for making this possible with your generous donations.

A young man holds a paintbrush above his artwork. He's sitting at a table with lots of arts supplies, while a friend eats lunch at a different table behind him.
Mathew works on an art project of his own during an Adventures & Activities session

No gift is too small or too large - And we're set up to accept gifts year-round via One Call for All, so you can donate as often as you'd like. Thank you!

A young woman dressed in blue stands on a trail in a sunny meadow, the forest behind her
Anna enjoys the spring sunshine on the Gazzam Lake trails during Hiking Club

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